GRIB Model

ASCAT - Advanced Scatterometer wind data

Provider:Ocean Prediction Center, National Weather Service, NOAA (USA)
Model scope:Global
Update frequency:roughly hourly
Resolution:0.25°, 15.0nm, 27.7km
Model duration:all data at time: 0 hr
Parameters:wind, ascat swath info
GRIB model date:Mon Dec 11 16:57:00 2017 UTC
Download date:Mon Dec 11 20:13:54 2017 UTC
Download delay:3hr 16min


The data presented in this model is considered to be somewhat experimental. This is not forecast data. The ASCAT data is created by satellites which are able to observe ocean conditions and determine the wind speed and direction. This ability can be useful to obtain actual wind conditions as well as verifying earlier forecast data.

The following description has been taken directly from some official documentation

The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) winds products are processed by NOAA/NESDIS utilizing measurements from the scatterometer instrument aboard the EUMETSAT Metop satellites. The instrument uses radar to measure backscatter to determine speed and direction of winds over the surface of the oceans. …