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I really like LuckGrib - can I help test new versions?

Oct 18, 2015. | By: Craig McPheeters

[This is a real question, that has been received multiple times. LuckGrib users are amazing - thanks!]

There is quite a large range of Apple machines that run OSX and are capable of running LuckGrib. People with old laptops run LuckGrib (the oldest I know of is 2009, but older machines are possible.) The latest Retina display laptops and iMacs will also run LuckGrib - and benefit from their high resolution displays. People run the app on Mac Mini’s with one or multiple external displays. The most common machine running the app is probably a laptop, but they differ in their screen size and being Retina or not.

Traditionally, in a large corporation, a development effort would have access to a wide range of hardware so that new versions of the applications being developed can be tested in-house. That is not possible with LuckGrib. Instead, the LuckGrib user community has become involved to help the author test new versions of the program. This is deeply appreciated.

For example - the first version of the app took a conservative approach to the way its graphics were displayed - it was an approach that was guaranteed to work on all machines the same way. The performance of this approach was good for small sized GRIB files, but only adequate for moderate sized files. For large and global files the version 1.0 drawing technique failed, and was extremely slow. When the app was modified in version 1.1 to use OpenGL it required a lot more testing, as OpenGL is sensitive to platform differences. The user community of LuckGrib stepped forward and many people volunteered their time to help the development effort - problems were identified and solved, and with the release of version 1.1 the performance of LuckGrib’s graphics is among the best in class, I don’t know of another GRIB viewer can display its graphics as fast. Its pretty amazing.

If you would like to become involved in testing future versions of LuckGrib, this would be welcome. A beta program is normally run before each new major version. As a beta program participant, you would be sent a link to a private version of the app which you would download and then use and test.

If you want to help, please contact the author at