LuckGrib Purchase About Offshore Routing

Crafted with care

Applications which have been created with great attention to detail are a pleasure to use, and this is how it should be. LuckGrib is one of those applications.

The design goal for the application is to present a simple user experience, without sacrificing the power and flexibility you expect from a first class application.

iPhone, iPad, Mac's

Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac’s

Fast = Fun

The LuckGrib application and server software were designed from the ground up to perform at the highest levels, while constantly achieving high quality results.

Watch as the weather smoothly animates as you change forecast times. Switching between GRIB files happens in the blink of an eye. Download new weather forecasts from the speedy LuckGrib server cluster.

Once you experience this level of performance, going back to lesser applications will be impossible.

GRIB models

Downloads in LuckGrib are delivered from a server cluster, setup in the cloud which is ready and waiting for your requests.

You’ll find familiar global models such as GFS, CMC and WW3, as well as some less common global models: GDPS, GFS Ensemble, RTOFS, DWD Wave and ASCAT.

Regional models are also available - and they are awesome. Regional models often feature a much higher resolution and may be updated as frequently as every hour.

For the complete list, explore the GRIB Models area of this site.

GRIB downloads are free

LuckGrib obtains its data from NCEP/NOAA, Environment Canada, Météo-France, Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) in Germany and OpenWRF.
None of those organizations are charging for their service. If they are able to run their computer centers, gather the information to feed to their computer simulations and make all of their results free to the public then we think that should be passed on to you.

Free data. You are free to explore weather models which may be new to you

Free data. You are free to compare forecasts from different models to see how stable a weather system may be

Free data. You can’t beat the price

Exceptional Graphics

LuckGrib takes its cues for the presentation of weather graphics from professional weather forecasting organizations, such as NCEP. Smooth contours. Highs and lows positioned accurately. Streamlines available to show winds in the tropics.

Behind the scenes are sophisticated math and smooth interpolation. In front of you are the graphics you would hope for.

Reading images that are presented with this attention to detail is easier, less distracting. You find yourself forgetting the application and simply exploring the weather forecasts, to understand what they are saying.

Weather Routing (macOS)

Finding optimized paths through complex weather systems can be difficult. LuckGrib can help with this, and goes one (or two) steps further.

Weather Routing, reinvented. A new, fresh, modern implementation. High performance. Flexible. Easy to use. Useful.

Manual Routing (macOS)

Of course, what makes an offshore sailor an offshore sailor is that they sail long passages. Weather forecasts may be accurate for a few days, and then relatively accurate for several days beyond that. But how does a sailor plan for a 20 day passage? This is the realm of manual routing.

Manual routing and weather routing can be combined to create a powerful system, allowing sailors to reason about all possible passages.

Offshore Data

LuckGrib has been designed with the offshore sailor in mind. Perhaps, instead, you are in the Australian Outback? Anybody want to go explore some wilderness where there is no internet?

Use the Offshore Data weather service to receive your forecast data via email, or directly via satellite.

Iridium GO! RedPort Optimizer. XGate. UUPlus. SailMail. MailASail. Iridium Mail.


You can view the overall picture of what is going on with the graphics, but when it is time to explore the details, those are also available.

As you move the cursor around, the value at that location for all of the available parameters are presented - simple and easy.

Meteogram views are also available - easily examine the forecast for at a point, or along a line, or along a vessel route.

GRIB version 1 and 2

There are two GRIB file formats - version 1 and 2. LuckGrib supports them both.

Do you already have an archive of GRIB data you want to import into LuckGrib? No problem. Do you have access to a service providing weather information in GRIB format? No worries.

The work has been done so that you don’t have to sweat these details.

GRIB file librarian

How does today’s forecast compare to yesterday’s? How does today’s GFS forecast for two days from now compare to the CMC forecast for the same time?

LuckGrib contains a librarian, keeping track of all your files. Simply select a file and the app will present it to you, in the blink of an eye. Switch between files with a single keystroke. Comparing weather forecasts and watching how they evolve has never been easier.

Have the librarian search the files and present only those that match some criteria. Do you want to only view GFS files? How about only the files used for passage planning? Where were those files related to Cyclone Pam? Let the librarian help you out.