Can you explain how the purchase process works?

Jan 2, 2023. | By: Craig McPheeters

LuckGrib is a free download on both the Mac and iOS Apple App stores.

Within LuckGrib, there is an In-App Purchase Store window, which allows you to start the 14 day free trials, or to purchase the app or one of its major components. Note that the Mac and iOS (iPhone / iPad) applications are separate purchases, as explained in a separate question as well as here.

LuckGrib is broken up into three components:

  1. the app itself.
  2. the Offshore Data system.
  3. the Weather Routing system.

Each of these components has an option to start a 14 day free trial as well as to purchase it. A purchase is a one-time expense, you are only charged once. This is not a subscription based application.

If you start a free trial for one of these components, at the conclusion of the free trial you will not be charged for anything. If you choose to continue and make the purchase after the free trial, that is your choice and is done through the In-App Purchase Store window within the app. The free trial is 100% risk free.

Now, onto a short description of the three components:

  1. If you are a weather enthuasist, you need to pay for the app itself, and nothing else. This gives you access to the full suite of GRIB file downloads, their visualization, evaluation, meteograms, and much more. This base product essentially gives you access to everything, except for what is included in the next two products.

  2. If you are a sailor or other type of explorer who is away from the internet, this component provides the ability to download weather data using an Iridium GO! or RedPort Optimizer. This is described in much more detail here.

  3. If you are a sailor, the Weather Routing system can help you understand and plan passages through complex weather systems. The goal of this system isn’t to simply tell you what to do, but rather, to provide you with a greater understanding of the weather systems and your possible paths through them. There is much more detail provided here.

In order to purchase either the Offshore or Weather Routing systems, you much first purchase the base application itself (i.e. the product labelled 1. above.)