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Absolutely Brilliant!

Jan 22, 2024. | iPhone or iPad | By: joshellis625

I’ve been a huge weather nerd for many years and the fact that I’ve only just discovered this app a month ago is blowing my mind. I had every way to track the weather and even knew about forecast models. I kept saying there has got to be a better way to view forecast models, especially on my iPhone and iPad. Well sure enough I finally came across this app mentioned after seeing it mentioned on Reddit and I discovered the wonderful world of GRIB files and easily accessible weather models. I immediately started using the app and could not put it down. I proceeded to learn everything I could about GRIB files and LuckGrib. This is a game changer. Fantastic UI/UX by a very thoughtful developer. Has everything I was looking for. Even though this is a niche product I hope to see it maintained for as long as possible. If you love studying the weather then you will be glad you found LuckGrib!

Simply Amazing!

Jan 2, 2024. | iPhone or iPad | By: Cranberry5

Craig has created an amazing tool, with features not found elsewhere. His thoughtful inclusion of many different views useful for passage planning (motoring vs sailing, day vs night, waves, etc) are usually spot on for what I want. And the ability to vary the departure time, oh my! You need a boundary line to avoid Frying Pan shoals? No problem. Or to force the route through the narrow Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel openings? Sure! And all data is free. Just pay once. I love it.

Shockingly Useful

Dec 31, 2023. | Mac | By: Da8Ball

This app lets you plan routes, update them obsessively, and can give you a whole new look at how weather works. It lets you visualize your trip, and with not very much practice,you (or I, anyways) can get a much better understanding of how to route your boat for speed, comfort, or both. I am pretty critical of most apps, but this one takes what it does to a whole new level. Nothing in it is mediocre. The only thing I would want, out of sheer laziness, is a way to update my start point position to my GPS location - via the computer or NMEA or whatever. Because I am lazy, not because it is hard to type in. Good job on this one.

Fantastic, Professional

Dec 20, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: Not_a_bot

Extremely well put together sourcing the publically available grib2 files for display. Perfectly made for the iOS environment. 6 out of 5 stars.

A brilliant App for sailors and excellent value

Sep 14, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: Cainat

This is my go to for passage planning. It’s great to select a larger area than needed to see how the weather is moving. The refresh feature is awesome to easily update the forecast as the days pass.

The Best

Sep 8, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: pkr32

This is the best routing app in the App Store

Sailors weather app

Aug 20, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: vanonderen

Offline. Quick. Robust. Investment well worth imo.

Very impressed

Jul 20, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: Whitwhacker

I wanted a weather app with routing but I don’t want to pay a subscription. This checks all the boxes My only fear is the developer will give up on this app since it’s a pretty small market. Please keep the updates coming!!

Great Weather / GRIB App

May 30, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: Amarcuss

Super interface with lots of features and easy downloading from a wide variety of models. Routing tool is powerful.

The Best

May 2, 2023. | Mac | By: divvadarling

I have checked out LuckGrib thoroughly against the other weather apps, and it is without doubt the best.

The "thinking sailor's" weather router.

Mar 30, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By:

I dumped Predict Wind for this platform (iOS and MacOS) and never looked back. It is worth your time to read Craig’s entire site and absorb all that is going on in the background to better understand it’s capabilities. His “manual” is as thoughtfully written as his software development. Easy to use with a UI that was clearly made for the Apple ecosystem (i.e. not a PC carryover).

Best weather and routing app!

Mar 3, 2023. | Mac | By: Diddikai

I’ve been using Luckgrib for a couple of years now. It is simply amazing! The user has great control over what they are doing, and the support documentation is very good. The weather routing is superior.

Very nice, Easy to work with….

Jan 17, 2023. | iPhone or iPad | By: Sponsrob

Best grib file manager and routing system ever!


Dec 16, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: Sgtbluepepper

Most amazing, intuitive and complete forecast software. The weather routing tool is incredible! Thank you a lot to the developer who made this


Dec 14, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: WilliamOfMoonDrifter

My initial investment of time to learn this app has revealed the many facets and flexibility in using the LuckGrib as opposed to other apps in this field. I especially like the ability to modify and then view the many aspects of sailing that are important. The more I use the LuckyGrib the more confidence I have in it’s projections. On a recent passage LuckyGrib was the most accurate while other app were significantly off. Thank for a great app. Sincerely William Lippincott


Dec 13, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: swm10021

Far and away the best GRIB viewer available on iOS. Also the Mac version is killer much better than anything available for windows.

Classy Software

Nov 7, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: L42404

I have been using LuckGrib for about a year now, and although I am not one for writing reviews I felt the need to do so for LuckgGrib. It is a well written and classy piece of software with excellent visual presentation. With all due respect to the folk who have down marked the app.. it is their lack of understanding about GRIB files, and how to interpret them through LuckGrib that is the problem. The app has an integrated tutorial that automatically runs for new users, it is a genuinely useful system and new users should follow/participate before attempting to use the app. LuckGrib offers a multitude of GRIB file downloads from their own server, and a slick fast visual range of viewing options. The weather routing (with yacht model) option is also excellent, being both fast and offering a number of unique visual aids to help interpret the routing result(s). Yacht models and routing calculations are all local to the device running the app. The satellite download option has also worked flawlessly for us; which is an essential feature while sailing offshore. My wife and I are permanent “live-a-board” sailors and have sailed half way around the world on our catamaran. I started off - as many do - using Predict Wind, a subscription based product that offers just four GRIB file options (two of which are their own variant models). Routing calculations are carried out on their own servers and so hidden from the user.. this also making vessel model modifications impossible while at sea. Having since moved to LuckGrib, a pay once application, I feel that we have improved our ability to easily download and view forecasted weather, and to safely plan our next or current passage.


Oct 10, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: teaspoons.slicing.tomatos

Tugboat skipper between Vancouver BC, Westcoast Vancouver Island up to Alaska. This is my primary tool for planning routes. Beats PredictWind by miles and much cheaper. Support is rapid, inteligent and friendly. The developer is a genius. Thank You!

Well done!

Sep 12, 2022. | Mac | By:

The thought that has gone into this offering, a complex subject, is evident. The aesthetics, function, algorithm, features, UI, pricing model, and even the manual have been painstakingly addressed. This is a ‘thinking person’s’ weather router and I happily diverted my annual Predict Wind subscription to Luck Grib instead.

Best Grib app out there

Sep 5, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: Romain.Guimard

Intuitive, well designed and affordable. The oceanic current gribs are not easy to find on internet, but here they are. Thank you!

LuckGrib adds: note that PredictWind only offers ocean current data in their Professional tier subscription, which, as of April 2023, is $499 / year. In LuckGrib, all customers have access to ocean current forecast data, along with the full wave model data (primary and secondary swell, etc.)

Amount of information is outstanding

Jul 21, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: Maddox_hex

I have been using Luckgrib for 3 years in the South Pacific and I really appreciate the variety of weather models to choose from and now the weather routing capability adds more ability to plan passages.

Best App for a sailor

Jul 19, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: jaymannyc999

I wrote a review a few years back but I am updating because the app keep getting better. 1. Love euro model access. 2. Love tutorials 3. Router is great. I am not sure how to do race courses but for passages it is brilliant. 4. Iridium go integration.

LuckGrib adds: On your third point above, for a few hints on how to route for a race course, please see the manual page discussing constraints. LuckGrib is the only isochronal weather routing solver which supports the ability to plan “out and back” routes.


Jun 29, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: Jknight611

A very complex complete app. It gives the user a easy to understand view for routing for a offshore voyage. I have used the routing feature on some local 1-2 day trips and find it to be quite accurate and easy to follow. Pretty steep learning curve (very complex subject) but excellent YouTube videos aided me in basic understanding.


Jun 18, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: KnotFadeAway

So much thought has gone into making this app useful. Thank you!

Awesome affordable app w/o expensive subscription fees!

Jun 6, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: DDS-JA

Great weather routing app without the unaffordable professional subscription fees that many non-professionals cruisers can’t afford. Watch and/or read the app tutorials! They are essential for getting the most from the app and perhaps learning more about weather routing. Highly recommended for any boater making an off-shore passage, learning more about weather, or navigating a faster and/or more comfortable route.

Best mobile weather App

Apr 15, 2022. | iPhone or iPad | By: Mrybas

This is the real deal app for weather! Tons of various models to choose from to compare forecasts. You are able to select which data and area to download, so it’s great for low bandwidth offshore forecasts. You can even integrate weather routing! Highly recommend!

Professional and Extremely useful software

Feb 13, 2022. | Mac | By: Earnric

I’m a 26 year software engineer. I know good software when I see it! LuckGrib is awesome: useful, intuitive, and very very professionally done. The instructions and guides are 1st rate… as are the youtube video’s that walk you through the various ways you can use the software. I highly recommend this package!

Elegant, powerful routing and weather tool

Jan 19, 2022. | Mac | By: svElcano

This is the best route planning and weather software I am experienced in my 50,000 offshore miles. The program is extremely capable; its design in solving sailing problems is not only well thought out but also explained in literate detail with solution examples to common sailing decision making problems.

Just outstanding

Dec 6, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: lm6068

It’s hard not to pile on to good reviews, but this app does so much so well. My use case is sail racing. I am impressed with: -Usability, great UI. - Easy GRIB file management. -Routing is effortless and information rich. -The polars for my boat are in the library. -Routing is very smart, it routes around land boundaries and creates optimal sailing plans. A must have for serious sailors.

Absolutely The Best!

Oct 23, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: AndrewWx

There is simply no better way to look at weather model data then with this app. In many ways it’s better than the display system I use at the National Weather Service.

Five Stars from Offshore Sailors

Oct 1, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: EmmaGarsch

We sail over 10,000 miles offshore each year and use LuckGRIB almost exclusively for pre-passage planning and for downloading GRIB files while we are at sea. The app is intuitive, the user support is unparalleled, and the advanced routing features are impressive. Craig has been very open to feedback and to assisting us with learning his software. When we have noticed a missing feature, he adds it! Highly recommend using this as your GRIB viewer for your offshore sailing endeavors.

Awesome Sailing Weather App

Sep 3, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: J-CCatt

I purchased this app last year with the offshore data since I am a cruiser on a sailboat in remote places. I use it with an Iridium Go and find that it down loads the weather files very fast. The app is easy to use and has a ton of detail features. I just use it for basic, wind, waves, cloud cover, rain for short distance sailing. I plan to purchase the weather routing for my next long passage. Not only is it an awesome app, you only pay one time, there are no monthly or annual subscription fees. The customer service is solid! I highly recommend this to anyone that uses GRIB files for sailing/yachting/fishing ect..


Aug 16, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: zigy46

Great app, the best I’ve seen so far. The routing (in app purchase) works really great. Once you have the polar coordinates of the ship correctly entered and your own performance of boat and crew correctly estimated, it’s a great thing! I sail - almost - exactly the routes that were calculated before. Craig answers questions immediately, if he is not sailing himself ;-) You can see that an experienced sailor has programmed something really good. I can highly recommend the app. In addition, there is the offshore function as an in app purchase. This works smoothly with Iridium go, without the prior knowledge is required. OK, You have to wait for the data, but that is due to the transfer rate of Iridium! I use the app and all two in app purchases (Offshore, Routing). Rarely get so much performance for money! Zigy.

LuckGrib adds: click on the title above to read the comment repeated in German.

Amazing Routing Software

Aug 23, 2021. | Mac | By: spiteri.richard

LuckGrib is very intuitive and easy to use. It uses a very different concept from other competitor software which, in my opinion, is superior. The support is timely and helpful and all my emails to the developer have been addressed often within minutes. I would like to see the data (weather, waves, currents) refresh have a little more automation such that when choosing preferred data sources and parameters, it would update with a single button. I have used LuckGrib for the Rolex Middle Sea Race which goes through a challenging strait and it did not disappoint! Thank you!

A simple, reliable, easy to use Grib file forecast

Jul 2, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: Strongbow

The LuckGrib App not only transforms sailing intelligently planned around reliable weather forecasts, it’s also a powerful routing tool. We have sat in an anchorage on a sunny day knowing that the following two days would have full blown gales knowing that 3 days later there would be steady winds for two days to allow us to make an pleasant and safe passage. Ian

Terrific weather app

May 31, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: ripple-skipper

LuckGrib is the best mariner’s app period. Not only an effective tool for weather prediction, but you can learn a lot about weather models from it. Just great!

Just Outstanding

May 19, 2021. | Mac | By: lm6068

It’s hard not to pile on good reviews, but this app does so much so well. My use case is sailboat racing and delivering my boat to and from various race locations. I purchased both IOS and OSX versions. Overall: -Usability is excellent, great UI, easy to learn. -Easy GRIB file management particularly area selection, file updates. -Routing is effortless and provides all the information you need per segment (wind speed, wind angle, boat direction, true wind angle). -The polars for my boat are in the library, but you can add your own. -The routing is very smart; it routes around land boundaries, creates optimal sail plans, estimates motoring time. A must-have for any serious sailor!


May 6, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: b3ll3fl3ur

We are cruising in the Caribbean for the last month and have grown to love this app. I use it daily now and prefer it over Predict Wind. It works so well over the Iridium Go satellite service that I don’t even feel the wait. I paid for all the add ons and it is definitely worth it. Simply wonderful to use and beautiful too!

Best Grib Viewer

Apr 30, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: Harvison

I have tried them all and this app is so user friendly with a plethora of grib options. I am not a sailor, nor a boater. I have always wanted to be a meteorologist, but never pursuing my dream, just a high end weather enthusiast. Anyone above an enthusiast will surely benefit from this app. I highly recommend it!

Long time user

Mar 24, 2021. | iPhone or iPad | By: jalmberg

I’ve been using LuckGrib since it’s early days and it is remarkable to see how it has developed into what I think is the best weather solution for boaters available for iOS. The developer is very responsive to feedback. I don’t know how he would respond to bugs and problems because I haven’t seen any of those, yet. I’m guessing pretty good! I’ve used the weather routing features on several long passages, and it has changed the way I think about weather windows for the better. The app’s integration with Iridium Go is second to none. The number of available models is likewise outstanding. Finally, as an iOS developer myself, I have to take my hat off to the app’s user interface which is elegant and intuitive in the way that all apps should be, but often are not. Highly recommended.

Very intuitive interface and strucured app for a sailor

Mar 31, 2021. | Mac | By: cptjhnn

This is by far the best approach für Weather Routing so far. Very clear structured menues guide you from Donwloading GRIB data, enter vessels polar data and then bring them together in the area of interest, performing a solution space for your trip, based on wind data, to perform the best solution. Top!

One of the most useful and intuitive weather app

Mar 29, 2021. | Mac | By: danigorgon

I have been using the LuckGrib for weather analysis for almost 3 years now. I found the LuckGrib as more user intuitive and reliable. The most interesting part is that the weather data we use is always stored on our local machine as it’s downloaded. You can always jump back in time and do an analysis. I have also started using the Routing feature for almost a year now. The routing section helps in our planning for the ocean crossing. Craig is also very supportive with questions or feature requests. I hope he is able to dedicate more time to introduce all the advanced features he wants on this platform. Best regards

Remarkable Software for the Sailor

Jan 31, 2021. | Mac | By: NomadCaptain

The latest version of LuckGrib, including the Weather Routing add-on, is an amazing and powerful piece of software that really works. Comparable weather routing software cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The app allows the sailor to download data and design and evaluate routes while underway. Bravo!

Great App

Jan 10, 2021. | Mac | By: SYPassage

The perfect Grib tool with free access to countless Grib data and exemplary support. We use the tool for our trips to the Arctic and are very satisfied. The ability to download offshore Grib files directly from Iridium GO is very helpful.

Powerful, fast, intuitive, beautifully designed

Oct 17, 2020. | iPhone or iPad | By: wlloydw

After thirty-six years of testing and using software and apps, it is a pleasure when you find one the exceeds your expectation. LuckGrib maximizes the power of a quad core system delivering fast screen animation and beautiful crisp graphics. Download and follow the two intro videos on YouTube and you will move quickly from intuitive interface to power user. With a choice of 70+ global and regional grib sources and the ability to over lay 500mb and surface pressure charts you can best visualize the possible weather developments.

Luckgrib is best of breed for cruisers

Aug 23, 2020. | Mac | By: RIRW1

Simply the best SW program I have found for analysis of weather and determining passage making windows. I have tried virtually all of them. The developer is a sailboat cruiser and has written the code from a users perspective. Robust feature set and customization that allows one to tune the analysis and routing for specific boat parameters. Developer provides 14 day free trial and thorough documentation. Predictwind is bone knives and rockhammers compared to this app

Great Great Great Tool

May 15, 2020. | Mac | By: SkipperSwissMocha

Couldn’t ask for more. It’s a tool from a sailor for sailors. Just used it while crossing the Atlantic, couldn’t ask for more.

Must have for sailors and offshore navigators

Feb 16, 2020. | iPhone or iPad | By: Sailpr

A bit of a learning curve but it is amazing and you are constantly challenged discovering new features.

Best weather app ever

Feb 14, 2020. | iPhone or iPad | By: Nu.downloaden

Well, I never write reviews. But luckgrib really deserves it. If you’re looking for something to help you understand weather better, just get this app. Luckgrib is such an easy-to-use app with lots of advanced possibilities. You can easily select layers and create maps, and then compare it with another one in such a quick way. As a weather interested, It helps you get a good and quick insight on both big and local weather systems.

Amazing tool and well worth the money

Jan 7, 2020. | iPhone or iPad | By: RobBurry

I am a meteorology student, and I came across this application and oh my gosh it is probably one of the best apps I have ever used. Very clean GUI, very responsive, and the fact that you can download the actual GRIB file to then use in some python code or MATLAB code is great. There have been lots of app that I regretted purchasing but this is not one of them, also considering that I use my iPad for all of my school work this becomes a must have for me. I do know someone with the OSX version and I find that the iPad version is just as good (if not better because it then becomes a portable tool) but the fact that I can also have this on my iPhone is the cherry on top of the cake. I very much appreciate this product and I think it is well worth the money ($35 CAD) I would say to the developer though that I while I do think it is worth the money, please do not go towards a subscription based purchase as I feel you will lose some customers, but rather have a notification pop up once a month or so and say “If you like this product maybe consider donating” there is a few programs that I use that do this and I always donate every time (and probably more then what a monthly subscription would be).

Great app for offshore sailors and racers

Nov 10, 2019. | iPhone or iPad | By: Matt.Gallagher

I am an experienced offshore sailor and my business includes providing weather forecasts for racing sailors. This is the best iOS GRIB viewing app available. The Offshore mode is a worthwhile upgrade for anyone trying to download GRIBs offshore, even via cellular as the compact file size is incredibly important. I highly recommend this to any offshore sailor.