(Fractally file.)

Fractally explores the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. The basis of these two sets is an iteration based on a simple formula. Who would have believed that such a simple expression can yield such beauty?

X(n+1) = X(n) * X(n) + c

Fractally is a simple little app which can generate beautiful images. This site is intended for people who want to understand a little more of what is going on.

Some of the Fractally features are:

  • Fractally excels at exploring the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

  • Fractally is able to show Mandelbrot and Julia set point orbits. This can lead to insight into what’s going on.

  • Fractally is able to generate high quality, anti-aliased images ranging in size from small thumbnails up to wall sized photographs.

  • Fractally allows you to zoom in over 1,000,000,000,000 x. You can increase the iteration count to over 2,000, exposing great detail in deep zooms.

  • As you explore, you can save, and share, your favorites.

  • Shared favorite files, fractally files, describe the coordinates in the fractal, and people who receive these files can launch the app and explore the fractal at that point.

Fractally provides tools to help you explore, understand, and share the wonders of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.

Fractally is available for iPhone, iPad and the Mac.

Downloading and enjoying Fractally is free - all of its features are freely available. If you are enjoying the app, please consider making a donation to its author.

Thanks to the 2020 lockdowns for inspiring me to write this app.