Hints on contacting the author.

I’m somewhat surprised to be offering these suggestions, but my experience as an app author leads me to do so.

If you should choose to contact the author, remember that we are strangers. Walking up to a stranger on a street and telling him or her what to do is not a good persuasion strategy. If you would like the author to consider making some enhancement or helping you in some manner, consider a more polite interaction.

A good way to start any message to someone you do not know is to say hello. Start your message by saying something positive. Try to think of something you like about the app, and compliment it.

After this introduction, feel free to say whatever you want. If I know you appreciate the work I’ve done, then I will happily read any criticism or suggestion. Its all good.

The formula is quite simple: hello; something positive; anything else you care to say.

If you follow the formulua, I’ll be happy to reply and have a discussion with you.