The privacy policy is pretty simple. Fractally respects your privacy.

The App

The only time a network connection is required by Fractally is when you choose to donate to the author, or visit one of the Website links made available through the app, such as the link provided to this page.

The Fractally donation facility uses Apple provided frameworks to establish an auto renewable subscription. (This subscription can be cancelled at any time, even immediately after making a donation, if you prefer to make a single, one time donation.)

Aside from those scenarios, Fractally operates exclusively on your device and does not contact any outside servers. Nothing is shared with anything else, aside from when you deliberately share a fractally file or image with another device or person.

This website

Information about your computer hardware and software may be automatically collected by the servers that run this website. This information can include: your IP address, browser type, domain names, access times. This is standard information that is collected while serving HTML to your browser, as well as to provide general statistics regarding use of this server cluster. This information is transient.

Personal information

The only personal information retained is if you email the author with a suggestion, question or for any other reason, your email may be preserved. The author does not sell, rent or lease the list of email addresses of customers. That would be rude and I don’t do it.

Apple does not provide App authors with a customer list or any identifying information regarding the apps customers. You can download Fractally, run the app, make a donation, all without the author ever knowing your name or any other identifying details. That’s the way the Apple app store works. The App store is designed to guard your privacy.


This website does not use cookies to track your activity.


If you feel this policy is unclear in some respect, or have any other questions regarding it, please contact the author.