GRIB Model

Baltic Sea Currents - E.U. Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service

Provider:Generated using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information (CMEMS)
Model scope:Baltic
Update frequency:every 24 hours
Resolution:[1.0nm, 1.9km] x [1.7nm, 3.1km]
Model duration:134 forecasts starting at 0 hr, ending at 5 days 13 hrs
GRIB model date:Fri May 7 10:00:00 2021 UTC
Download date:Fri May 7 11:08:21 2021 UTC
Download delay:1hr 08min

Note: the Download delay is the amount of time required for the GRIB model to compute its forecast and then for the LuckGrib cluster to download the data and make it available. The LuckGrib delay is generally less than 10 minutes, the remainder of the delay is the model compute time.


The Baltic Sea current model is a high resolution model providing hourly forecast data covering the Baltic Sea.

This data is generated using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information.

The data is made available through the Copernicus service, in NetCDF format, and is converted into GRIB-2 data by LuckGrib.

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