GRIB Model

NCOM (Navy Coastal Ocean Model) East Coast. Ocean Currents

Provider:Ocean Prediction Center (OPC), NOAA (USA)
Model scope:North America east coast
Update frequency:every 24 hours
Resolution:2.0nm, 3.7km
Model duration:21 forecasts starting at 0 hr, ending at 3 days
Parameters:current, water temperature
GRIB model date:Sun May 26 00:00:00 2019 UTC
Download date:Sun May 26 08:06:13 2019 UTC
Download delay:8hr 06min


NCOM (Navy Coastal Ocean Model) is a high resolution model, offering ocean current data at a 2nm resolution, every 24 hours.

The U.S. East Coast version of this model is refreshed at around 10:30 UTC every day, although there can be large delays at times.

This model has excellent coverage of the gulf stream.

The Regional NCOM models have a resolution of 1/30 deg. (2 nm). The U.S. Navy Operational Global Ocean Model (NCOM), developed by the Naval Research Laboratory (Barron et al, 1&2) and maintained by the Naval Oceanographic Office, provides boundary conditions for the regional models. … The Navy Coupled Ocean Data Assimilation System (NCODA) provides the data assimilation for NCOM including SSH, SST, and in situ observations.

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