GRIB Model

OFS West Coast Currents

Provider:Center for Operational Oceanographic Products (NOAA)
Model scope:North America West Coast
Update frequency:every 24 hours
Resolution:2.4nm, 4.4km
Model duration:24 forecasts starting at 3 hrs, ending at 3 days
Parameters:current, tide
GRIB model date:Mon Jun 17 03:00:00 2024 UTC
Download date:Mon Jun 17 07:43:41 2024 UTC
Download delay:4hr 43min

Note: the Download delay is the amount of time required for the GRIB model to compute its forecast and then for the LuckGrib cluster to download the data and make it available. The LuckGrib delay is generally less than 10 minutes, the remainder of the delay is the model compute time.


The Operational Forecast System (OFS) series of models is run by the National Ocean Service (NOS) and the National Weather Service’s (NWS), both a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The West Coast OFS model is calculated using a bathymetry following irregular grid which has over 350,000 grid nodes. In the image of the grid, above, only every 10th grid point is shown. The results of this computation are then sampled, by OFS, into a regular latitude / longitude aligned grid. This data on this regular grid are then converted to GRIB format by LuckGrib.

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