GRIB Models

When you download GRIB data in LuckGrib, a server cluster in the cloud is accessed to obtain the data. The models available on the server cluster are listed to the right of this page. Some of the models are global and some are regional. Click on any of the groups or models for more information.

The server cluster has been designed to be highly available and reliable. The cluster can continue to serve data, even in the unlikely event that several of its members suffer catastrophic failure. The cluster is running a robust version of Linux, and is expected to be highly reliable and speedy.

The server cluster constantly observes a wide variety of GRIB data sources. When the cluser sees that new data is available, it downloads the appropriate parts of it and then makes the new data available to the LuckGrib clients.

If you have access to GRIB data from sources outside of LuckGrib, you can import that data into the application as well.

LuckGrib reads both GRIB version 1 and 2 from a wide range of sources. If you run into a problem, let the author of LuckGrib know.

Global Models

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Server Status

Server Status for OpenWRF Models