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Updated: Nov 28, 2015. | By: Craig McPheeters

[Update Nov/2015: Note, this beta program is now closed. If you are in interested in joining a future beta program, please contact LuckGrib.]

A new version of LuckGrib is currently going through Beta testing.

This new version has an entirely new draw infrastructure, which along with other changes, has improved performance dramatically. LuckGrib version 1.0 was fast. LuckGrib version 1.1 is much, much faster.

The latest beta has been tested by a small group of people, I am hoping to expand the program to cover a wider variety of Mac hardware before releasing the application to the Apple Mac app store.

If you are interested in LuckGrib and would like to help this application improve, let me know and I will send you details on how to get the latest Beta version for your testing.

Please email

If you could include your machine type and year along with the display type and whether or not it is a retina display or not, that would be appreciated.

There are additional changes planed in the future. If you would like to remain part of the beta program and help expand this programs functionality, let me know.

Thank you!

[Update: Sept 30/2015]

The third beta has now been released. This new version is looking very promising, however it is currently experiencing problems on Mac’s with Retina displays as well as Macs with two GPUs (such as a 15” MacBook pro.) If you’re interested in seeing this software released on the Mac, and have a Mac with a Retina display or dual GPUs, please consider joining the Beta program.


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