LuckGrib version 2.0.5 available

Oct 15, 2017. | By: Craig McPheeters

A new version of LuckGrib is now available. This version is a minor update which address a small number of issues while enhancing a few areas slightly.

There are small improvements in the area of viewing global files, viewing ASCAT data, interacting with the measure line tool while running on a Retina display, launching on a Retina display while running High Sierra, a few small changes to the timeline such as improving support for viewing files with a lot of forecast data (such as the 16 days of GFS which is now available) along with a few other small things.

Work is underway, behind the scenes, to deliver additional new functionality at sometime in the future.

Feedback welcome

As always, the author welcomes feedback. If you have suggestions for changes you would like to see in this application, please let him know.

If you have used LuckGrib and enjoy it, please leave a comment on the Apple App store. Comments are read by people who are new to the software and are greatly appreciated.


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