Improvements to the DWD weather and wave models

Dec 12, 2017. | By: Craig McPheeters

The German weather service, Deutscher Wetterdienst, has recently changed the way that they make their GRIB data available to the public. The GRIB data at the new site has been slightly reorganized which makes it much easier for people to explore and download the data they want.

LuckGrib has changed where it obtains its DWD data, switching from the old site to the new one. This has lead to several improvements.

  • the Europe ICON weather model now has several new parameters. This model used to only provide pressure at sea level; wind and surface temperature. In addition to those paramters, it also now includes: wind gust; cloud cover; relative humidity and CAPE.

    In addition to the new parameters, there is also more forecast data available for the Europe ICON model. This model used to provide forecasts for 3 1/2 days. The new model now has forecast data for five days.

  • the three wave models that DWD provides have also been improved. The models had already offered wind, swell and wind wave data, along with the significant height of combined wind wave and swell. This last category, where the wind waves and swell are combined, is often the most useful category for waves. The new model now offers two more parameters in the combined category: mean period and direction of the combined wave.

If you haven’t looked into the DWD wave models yet, they provide three regions: a global model with a 0.25° resolution; a region which covers all of Europe at a 0.1° x 0.05° resolution; and lastly a region which covers the German coastline at a 1.5km x 1km resolution. If you haven’t explored these models yet, give them a try.

Thank you DWD!


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