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Mar 7, 2019. | By: Craig McPheeters


The new version of LuckGrib that has just been released has support for a new in-app purchase product: Offshore Data.

LuckGrib provides convenient, easy, fast, free access to a large suite of high speed internet data. The collection of GRIB data offered by LuckGrib is one of the largest collections available anywhere.

When sailors leave the land of high speed internet and head offshore, they have been cut off from this collection and had to rely on other methods to download their data.

The new Offshore Data product allows you to access the entire suite of models and data offered by LuckGrib via two new methods: email and low speed internet.

The vast majority of sailors, or other people who operate in remote settings, will figure out some way to send and receive email. There is a huge variety of solutions to this problem. There are many different companies offering email service for remote access. There is also a wide range of hardware devices that can allow remote communication, from high frequency (SSB) radio, to satellite phones and other satellite solutions. At times, sailors may find themselves in areas that have very poor cell phone coverage - this will be useful in that situation as well.

One huge benefit of this new service is the level of compression achieved in the new Compact Offshore Data file. This is a new file format, designed to store GRIB data in the most compact manner achievable. The compression being achieved in this new format is the best in the industry.

Better compression leads to smaller files. Smaller files lead to faster downloads. Or, alternatively, you may use this improved compression to download additional data, which can improve your situational awareness - its up to you how to spend the space savings being offered.

If you have access to remote email, you can use the new LuckGrib Offshore Data email service to obtain data. If you have access to low speed internet, you may also be able to use Offshore Data.

Check out this new service at:

The product comes with a 14 day free trial and is available on both macOS and iOS.


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