LuckGrib v3.2/v1.3 now available

Oct 26, 2018. | By: Craig McPheeters

An update to LuckGrib is now available for both iOS and macOS.

These new releases share some improvements common to both platforms, as well as having improvements specific to iOS or macOS. The two applications share a great deal of their functionality, however they each have some functionality which the other does not have.

There are release notes available for each platform which contain more detail. A few of the highlights are noted here.

Improvements common to both platforms

  • improved the rain scalar image to show areas of very light rain more clearly
  • a couple of small meteogram improvements, for example, there is now a row for accumulated rain
  • a fix for a problem where, if you changed the time zone in the Application Settings, the new setting was not respected until you restarted the app
  • fixes a problem when drawing arrows for wave direction. The arrows would appear as calm symbols if the unit preference for height was not changed from its default

Improvements to the iOS version

  • changed the way the current location is determined. When you tap the Location icon, it changes to orange and blinks until the position is fully determined. To cancel this process, tap the icon a second time

Improvements to the macOS version

  • fixes several crashes on 10.14 (Mojave) related to drag & drop
  • fixes problems with the appearance of the app when Mojave is switched into dark mode. For now, the app is always presented using light mode

The macOS version of the app has some passage planning features that are not available on iOS. These passage planning features have been improved in this new version.

  • vessel and route text information is now shown for all displayed vessels and routes, while the Points and Routes tool is active. Additionally, the text information now has a hierarchical structure, and text groups can be collapsed or expanded
  • allow a vessel or route to be selected by clicking on its text information
  • added the ability to specify the start and end of a passage for a vessel. With this ability, all of the movement for a vessel during a long voyage can be broken into distinct passages
  • added the ability to more easily change a departure date for a planned passage so that experimenting with departure times is easier
  • added the ability to show a vessel moving along a line, as in the iOS version of the app. This is a fast way of watching the weather along a short route. Look in the application preferences to turn this on
  • added meteogram support for vessel movement and vessel along line movement

The macOS version of the app is also much more customizable than the iOS version, including the ability to create custom draw settings for GRIB parameters. An improvement was made to the color table editor in this version:

  • added support for constant color interpolation to the color table editor. This makes it easy to create scalar images which have a constant color between two values

As always, once it has been customized, the draw information can be exported as a file and then shared with other users of LuckGrib, on both iOS and macOS

Feedback welcome

Feedback on these new versions is welcome. If you could leave a comment on the App store, that would also be appreciated.


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