Introducing Météo-France Arpège and Arome

Mar 2, 2019. | By: Craig McPheeters

The Météo-France Arpège GRIB model was first added to the LuckGrib suite of models roughly two years ago. At that time, the public domain Météo-France data access service was proving to be unreliable, but I was hoping that it would be reliable enough to be useful.

After gaining experience with the server for a few months, I had to discontinue the Arpège model. At the time I made this decision, it had been four days since the model had been updated.

Recently I started an experiment to test the reliability of the Météo-France public domain service again, and it is proving to have much greater reliability than it has in the past. Over the past several days, the LuckGrib server has been able to update four Météo-France models in a fairly timely manner.

I am adding two new Météo-France GRIB models: the european domain of Arpège and the version of Arome for the area surrounding France:


The four Météo-France models available through LuckGrib are now:

You may notice that these models do not update on an exact regular frequency. An effort is being made to update to the fresh models once they become available, and as soon as the server cluster is able to obtain the data it needs it will be published and become available.

I would like to thank Météo-France for their work on their public domain server and also for making this data available.


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