LuckGrib version 2.0.4 available

May 20, 2017. | By: Craig McPheeters

A new version of LuckGrib is now available. This version is a minor update which address a small number of issues.

The main change is that there is improved support for the new global RTOFS ocean current forecast model. The global RTOFS model provides excellent coverage of world wide ocean currents. RTOFS has a resolution of 1/12° (0.083°, or approximately 5nm). In addition to the global RTOFS, two additional regional NCOM current models are available - these are 1/30° (2nm) high resolution models and cover the Gulf Stream and Caribbean in fine detail.

Feedback welcome

As always, the author welcomes feedback. If you have suggestions for changes you would like to see in this application, please let him know.

If you have used LuckGrib and enjoy it, please leave a comment on the Apple App store. Comments are read by people who are new to the software and are greatly appreciated.


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