Météo-France Arpège removed

Mar 23, 2017. | By: Craig McPheeters

The ability to directly download the Météo-France Arpège GRIB model from the LuckGrib server has been discontinued.

This action is due to the unreliability of the Météo-France server responsible for the public domain downloads of this model. At the time this article is being written, it has been over four days since the LuckGrib server has been able to download a new copy of Arpège.

LuckGrib supports Germany’s DWD Icon model, which covers a similar region of Europe and is provided in a reliable manner.

The LuckGrib server contains a large collection of models which cover North America and its surrounding waters. This does not express a bias toward North America - it is simply due to NOAA and Environment Canada providing a great array of this data to the public. They are providing a fantastic service.

If anybody knows of public domain sources for additional European models they would like to see added to LuckGrib, please contact the author.


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