A new high resolution model covering Canada

Mar 8, 2018. | By: Craig McPheeters

The Canadian High Resolution Deterministic Prediction System model (HRDPS) covers the northern parts of Continental US as well as most of Canada, extending north to approximately 70°.

The HRDPS has a resolution of 2.5km, which will provide a much better forecast of local weather conditions than the lower resolution global models. High resolution models are needed to start to incorporate local land effects into a forecast.

There are several HRDPS models available, the model supported in LuckGrib is the largest, continental version.

While this model is labelled as being experimental on the Canadian Meteorological Service Service web site, it appears to have great value for anybody covered by its area and will make an interesting comparison to the other NOAA high resolution models where there is regional overlap.

For more information on the model, see the official site.

Thank you CMC!

ps. There will be more models coming soon!


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