LuckGrib version 2.0.3 available

LuckGrib version 2.0.3 available

Apr 29, 2017. | By: Craig McPheeters

Another new version of LuckGrib is now available.

Shortly after the release of the previous version, a problem was discovered where the Alaska regional models were not being displayed properly in the app. This has been fixed:

NAM Alaska, a 3km high resolution model

My apologies to the customers in Alaska - you are well covered by the models in LuckGrib again. In addition to the global models, the following regional models are available: NAM Alaska, RAP North East Pacific, NDFD Oceanic, WW3 Alaska, and RTOFS Bering.

The other main change in this release is that the display of the GRIB models has been enhanced to show areas of missing data in the models. Areas of missing data are shown as a light red color in the models.

Some of the models contain areas where the GRIB model does not supply data. One obvious example of this would be a wave model which does not provide wave data over the land areas. However, there are other more subtle areas where there is data missing. For example, all of the wave models provide wind information in addition to the wave and swell information, however the wind information is not available over land - only over water. Coverage areas are also not always obvious - the global WW3 model does not cover the Mediterranean where the DWD global wave model does:

Note that if you are interested in wave information for the Mediterranean, that you will be also be interested in the DWD Europe Wave and Météo-France Europe Wave models. There are also even higher resolution models available for subsets of Europe, such as the DWD German coast and France coastline.

The ability to easily visualize areas of missing data before downloading GRIB model data should make working with the models much more intuitive.

Feedback welcome

As always, the author welcomes feedback. If you have suggestions for changes you would like to see in this application, please let him know.

If you have used LuckGrib and enjoy it, please leave a comment on the Apple App store. Comments are read by people who are new to the software and are greatly appreciated.


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